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School of Music Auditions-Undergraduate

2021 - 2022 Audition Dates


An audition is required for consideration of acceptance into all music degrees.

Preparing for an Undergraduate Audition

  • Submit an online Audition Application Request form.
    • You will be required to upload a current resume prior to submitting the audition application request form (you may use our template or a template of your choosing).
    • You will be required to submit a minimum of 2 names and email addresses for those who will be submitting letters of recommendation in support of your admission to the Texas State School of Music. *Select people who will write positive and descriptive recommendation letters and inform them that they will receive an email request from our online application server (SlideRoom) with directions on submitting their letter.
  • Select your music based on the Audition Requirements for your primary instrument or voice part.
    • Some areas, such as Jazz may have additional classical audition requirements. See the jazz instrument entry to determine if you will be required to play both a jazz and a classical audition.
  • Students interested in Sound Recording Technology (SRT) must submit an additional paper application and materials.

Audition Day

  • perform an audition on your primary instrument
  • complete an aural diagnostic assessment of musicianship skills
    • you should be prepared to demonstrate your ability to:
      1. Match pitch - We play a pitch at the piano, and you sing the same pitch anywhere in your singing range.
      2. Compare two pitches played on the piano - Is the second pitch higher, lower, or the same as the first?
      3. Sing a major scale (in any key)
      4. Echo-sing a short tune
      5. Sing “Happy Birthday”
      6. Sight-sing a melody
      7. Echo-clap rhythmic patterns
      8. Sight-read a rhythm in 4/4 and in 6/8

 Most of the above aural diagnostic activities require singing. If you are not a singer, you may want to practice these activities prior to the audition.

Audition Day Schedule and Information

  • 8:00am: Check-in (those who check-in first, audition first)
  • 9:15am: Auditions begin
  • 9:30am: A parent/guardian question and answer session with the School of Music Director and Administrative Assistant

NOTE: Live auditions are preferred; however, if you are unable to audition in person due to geographic distance from campus (ex. out-of-state/international) may attach a recorded audition that represents your best performing abilities to your Audition Request Form above (under the media tab).

Music Auditions Contact Information

Phone: 512-245-3375