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Texas State Choral Department

Craig Hella Johnson

What happens in choral music at Texas State is incredibly special.   My distinguished choral colleagues set a very high standard with their inspirational musical leadership and teaching. As Artist in Residence, I am so honored that I can be a part of this center for great choral music.   

Craig Hella Johnson, Artistic Director, Conspirare, Texas State University, School of Music Artist-in-Residence


Matthew Oltman

The students at Texas State University are some of the most honest and sincere musicians you will ever meet. The beauty of their performance is reflected in the beauty of the campus, deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country. To have been a part of their choral family is a gift I will always treasure.

Matthew Oltman, Shenandoah University, Chanticleer, Music Director Emeritus

Bruce Browne

I was really amazed at the level of focus and attention from each one of the students. Working with college choirs throughout the country, I can tell you that this level is very high when compared with all other collegiate choral programs.

Bruce Browne - Portland State University Emeritus, Portland Symphonic Choir

Jake Runestad

The professors at TX State are not only extraordinary teachers, they are extraordinary people with a passion for creating meaningful music and fostering a supportive community of hard-working students. The collegiality and mutual respect in the department - faculty and students alike - make it one of the most open and inspiring I have ever experienced.

Jake Runestad, internationally renowned composer

Robert Levin

I greatly enjoyed my visit to Texas State University, where I encountered committed, idealistic young musicians eager for artistic and practical exchanges and whose work on my completion of the Mozart Requiem was inspiring and deeply satisfying.

Robert Levin, international scholar and performer, Harvard University Emeritus