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Our Donors

The success of the  TEXAS STATE CHORAL PRIDE SCHOLARSHIP DONATION PROGRAM would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of our alumni. It is with profound gratitude that we acknowledge our donors. The caliber of excellence in our program can continue because of them. Thank you all!

Planned Giving

$50,000 Bob Covey



Section Leader Circle ($301-$749)

Jonathan Babcock & Danton Bankay

Lynn Brinckmeyer

Michael A. & Sarah (Griffin) Covey

Audrey D. (Dornbusch) & Christian P. De la Cruz

Lucy E. (Bloor) Heston

Chuck Lamar & Cody DeSalvo

Andre Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Parrott

Robin & Richard Stein

Virginia Volpe

Bonnie Wolfe

Sustaining Circle (up to $100)

Daniel Arredondo II

Richard Buchmaier

Pat Fleming

Melissa B. (Serrano) Lacey

Dr. & Mrs. Robert McLean

LeAnne Smith


* We strive to keep our list accurate. If you see an error, please let us know.joey.martin@txstate.edu

Maestro Circle ($750+)


John Paul Johnson

Esther K. Lee & Adam McCombs

Joey M. Martin

Chorister Circle ($101-$300)

Tim Altenhoff

Robin (Turman) Barde

Elizabeth A. Bongat

Allan & Dianne Brumley

Catherine D. Clarke

Bob Covey

Bethany Cowan

Hayden R. Dooley

Jason Gallardo

Karen Gish

Ashley M. Hughes

Larry Loden

Dinah J. Menger

Brittany (Elliff) Oliver

Daniel Perez

Adrian & Kelly Reyes

Sean Rodriguez

Sara (Mahmalji) & Richard L. Trammell