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Hill Country Youth Chorus

Founded in 2005, The Hill Country Youth Chorus (HCYC) provides an accessible, comprehensive music education and performance program that serves children and adolescents from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. The curriculum equips these young artists with the musical skills that enable them to seek the highest artistic standards in performances of challenging music. It is hoped that the discipline and concentration learned by each student-artist in rehearsal and performance will instill in them the values necessary to succeed in music and life. HCYC’s emphasis on excellence spotlights the collective strength inherent in young people collaborating for a greater good. The potential for human achievement provided by this model merits a resonance throughout the wider sphere of community life.


The Hill Country Youth Chorus provides undergraduate and graduate music education students the opportunity to gain hands-on planning, teaching and administrative experience through a guided, supervised program created to facilitate the growth and strength of vocal music programs. Our program supports the mission of Texas State University by pursuing excellence in serving the educational needs of the diverse population of the San Marcos area and beyond.     


The Hill Country Youth Chorus fosters a love for singing by providing youth with a choral music experience where successive levels of high artistic achievement and performance are nurtured in each participant. All HCYC faculty and staff are avid supporters of all school music programs and our youth outreach program is intended to supplement and enhance the music training students receive in school.

Texas State University hosts the Hill Country Youth Chorus on Monday evenings. Rehearsals take place in room 222 of the School of Music Building on the Texas State University Campus in San Marcos, Texas. HCYC acknowledges that not every one of its students will follow the road all the way to the professional stage. Yet, the discipline and concentration young men and women learn in rehearsal and performance will serve them the rest of their lives, whatever their future. Singers in the choir are those with changed and unchanged voices, ages 6-18. The singers have three different ensembles available to them:


Prelude Choir welcomes 6, 7 and 8 year-old singers and is directed by Mr. Nathalie Calvo.
Bravo Chorale is comprised of all of the singers, ages 9-18 in HCYC. Directed by Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer.
Encore Ensemble is an auditioned group of more advanced singers. Auditions for Encore Ensemble are held during the first week of October and February. Singers who participate in Encore Ensemble are also required to sing in Bravo Chorale. Directed by Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer.


Singers rehearse on Monday evenings at the Texas State School of Music (corner of Sessom and LBJ):

Prelude Choir   6:30-7:15 pm (room 221)

Bravo Chorale  6:30-7:45 pm (room 222)

Encore Ensemble  7:50-8:15 pm (room 222)



Those parties interested in inviting the Hill Country Youth Chorus for a performance may contact Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer:; 512-245-2194.