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Texas State Choral Pride Scholarship Donation program

Choral Pride Scholarship Program ~ Texas State/SWT

What?  The Texas State (Southwest Texas) Choral program enjoys a reputation for an outstanding choral program with exceptional ensembles, faculty, choir members, alumni, and enthusiasts from throughout the global community.  All participants – past, present, and future – share pride in our achievements as well as enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

Why?  Since 2008, the available funds for scholarships that support the choral, opera, and choral programs have decreased by over 50%.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in much of the top talent that is seeking to be a part of the Texas State Choral Tradition of Excellence to have to make decisions to pursue their study elsewhere. 

An Answer.  While seeking endowments from those who are able to make the big investments to strengthen our scholarship resources, why not look to the power of the many with pride and vision for the future?  This is a Bobcat call to action!

The Choral Pride Scholarship Program is an opportunity for the power of many to engage in giving small, steady contribution that will have a huge impact!  We hope you will join in ensuring the strength and quality of future Bobcats.

How?  By giving a small monthly contribution, your contribution when combined with others will have effective results.

Monthly Contribution Yearly Total Combined with 4 others
Chorister level   small scholarship
$25 $300 $1,200
Section Leader Level   medium scholarship
$50 $600 $2,400
Maestro Level   Bobcat sized scholarship
$100 $1,200 $4,800


Just think about it. 


If 100 gave invested $25/month that would be a total of $30,000 annually. 

If 50 gave $50/month, that would be $30,000.

If 20 gave $100/month, that would be $24,000.

You get the idea…

With over 700 past members of the choral ensembles, we can do this!


Taking Action.

•  Consider which level will be comfortable.

•  Go to the website and sign up.

•  It’s easy – use either credit card or direct deposit.

•  Then, watch with pride as we update you on the effects your contribution is having on your alma mater.

Go Bobcats all the way!